Marla Richards

Stylist / Salon Owner

Back in 2001, I had a vision of owning an upscale, high-end salon with a down to earth attitude and personality and that's exactly what I've created here at Divas.  After working in several different salon environments, I knew I wanted something very different.  The prima donna types that fill the "upscale" salons around town seemed to be the status quo.  Somehow if you are good at doing hair, you needed an attitude to prove it.  I didn't want that impression in my salon, it's just not my style.  I want our clients to feel comfortable and "at home" in our friendly environment, so I set out to try something a little different....  And it works!  Customer service is our number one priority here at Divas.  I train & teach each employee hired about the importance of a GREAT customer experience.  Not only is it imperative to have impeccable technical skills, it's just as important to me that each staff member have OUTSTANDING "people" skills as well.    I am PROUD of my business and my awesome staff and realize that without them, my vision would have never been possible.   We know this business inside and out, we're talented professionals, we LOVE what we do, we love our clients... and it shows.  Take a look at the staff profiles below and you'll see the talent and experience each and every staff member brings to our business. We are very fortunate to have each and every one.  My staff and I look forward to your visit and hope you have an awesome & unforgettable experience here at Divas Salon & Spa. 

Marla has been in the beauty industry as a licensed hairdresser for over 20 years.  Her passion for this industry is what keeps her motivated and eager to continually educate herself and her staff in all aspects of this wonderful and challenging field.  Some of her professional achievements include Artisan, Creative Artisan and Creative Master Artisan Awards for her excellence in coloring, cutting and client relations.  She is a certified Great Lengths & Hotheads stylist and was one of the first stylists in the state of Florida to receive the GL certification more than 15 years ago.  Her drive and determination, along with an amazing staff is what has built this thriving business from the ground up and continues to push it to new heights.  Her experience as an educator and platform artist for a globally recognized beauty company is where her education (after beauty school) really got off the ground and evolved.  She got a taste of the beauty industry's ever revolving trends and techniques and realized, early on, you can never stop learning in this business.  It changes all the time! 
My E-Mail: marla@divas-salon.com