Stacie Gallina

Salon Coordinator

Meet Stacie, our Salon Coordinator.  Stacie is known for being detail oriented and multifaceted in her constant professionalism.   Her calm demeanor is greatly appreciated by clients, coworkers and staff alike. She is the backbone of all operations at Divas Salon & Spa by running the front desk, handling all aspects of our retail sales and inventories as well as making sure the "salon floor" stays running smoothly and on track.  Having been a part of the Divas family for more than 15 years, she possess an innate ability to make people feel relaxed and comfortable and is a valuable contribution to the overall success of our team here at Divas.  

"People I greet everyday are not just clients to me, they become good friends and I value each one!"

Stacie has a strong background in fashion, hair and makeup having lived in fashion-forward Japan for 3 years. She loves everything about the beauty industry and customer service and it really shows!!
My E-Mail: Stacie@divassalonandspa.com